Time-Frequency methods

class periodicity.timefrequency.HHT(frequencies, emd=None, method='DQ', norm_type='spline', norm_iter=10, smooth_width=None)

Bases: object

Hilbert-Huang Transform

_normalize(mode, eps=1e-06, pad_width=2)

Huang et al. (2009)

_spectrogram(freq_grid, freq, amp)
class periodicity.timefrequency.WPS(periods)

Bases: object

Wavelet Power Spectrum using Morlet wavelets.


periods (array-like) – Periods to consider, in the same time units as the input signal.

coi_samples: int, optional

Number of samples of the Cone of Influence (COI). Used for plotting (default is 100).

gwps(tmin=None, tmax=None)
property mask_coi
masked_gwps(tmin=None, tmax=None)
masked_sav(pmin=None, pmax=None)
plot_coi(coi_samples=100, **kwargs)
sav(pmin=None, pmax=None)

References and additional reading